Juvenile Justice and Cross-System Youth

The goal of the Juvenile Justice and Cross-System Youth Task Force is to promote interagency communication and collaboration to improve prevention, outcomes and address the unique and complex needs of Juvenile Justice and/or cross-system involved youth.

The Task Force will meet on:

December 7, 2018, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Indiana Office of Court Services, 251 N. Illinois St., 8th floor, Indianapolis

Task force meetings are open to the public. Guests are asked to notify the Commission Executive Director in advance of their intention to attend, if possible.


Hon. Charles Pratt, Co-Chair
Allen Superior Court

Don Travis, Co-Chair
Deputy Director
Juvenile Justice Initiatives and Support
Department of Child Service

Jeffrey Bercovitz
Director, Juvenile and Family Law
Indiana Office of Court Services

Sirrilla Blackmon
Deputy Director of Youth Services, SOC
FSSA/Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction

Christine Blessinger
Executive Director
Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services

Coleen Connor
Executive Director
Tippecanoe County CASA

Chris Daley
Executive Director
IARCCA, an Association of Children & Family Services

Elizabeth Darby
Director, Youth Division
Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

Hon. Kimberly Dowling
Delaware Circuit Court

Kory George
Chief Probation Officer
Wayne County Probation

James (Mike) Goodwin
Local Office Director
Sullivan County
Department of Child Services

JauNae M. Hanger
Waples & Hanger

Daniel C. Schroeder, Esq.
Marion County Public Defender Agency
Juvenile Division

Jane Seigel
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
Indiana Supreme Court

Nancy Wever
Indiana Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative


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