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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ScholarTrack FAQs:

1. I received the following error message when registering a new account: “Your Social Security number, date of birth, zip code, or last name does not match the information submitted on your FAFSA."

If you have moved after filing your FAFSA, you must use the zip code provided on your FAFSA, not your current zip code. Otherwise, all information must match the information on your FAFSA—please check your FAFSA for accuracy.

2. The password I was given after resetting my password is not working—what should I do?

You might not have created an account. Please attempt to create an account by clicking " Don't have an email address and password? Create an account". Then select the appropriate type of account you'd like to create.

3. Why am I seeing a preliminary award under the “Award Notification” tab?

A preliminary award is the minimum amount for which you are eligible. The award will become actual once your current financial aid award cycle expires, and your college reports that you have earned any necessary credit hours (if you are subject to credit completion requirements for the award).

4. I’m switching colleges—when should I update my college choice?

If you are transferring colleges in a future semester, you can update ScholarTrack at any time. To change the choice of school you will need to update your preferences on your FAFSA.

5. I have updated my school of choice, but my college says it cannot view my financial aid eligibility.

If you submitted a college choice change for an upcoming semester, the new college will not be able to view your eligibility for state financial aid until the start of that semester. For spring, this is typically in January; for fall, this is typically in August.

6. Why did my award amount change when updating my college choice?

Some state financial aid is tied to tuition and fees. Tuition and fees differ across institutions; the award amounts may differ if your college choice changes.

7. Why is my email address associated with someone else’s account?

Each ScholarTrack account must be associated with its own email address—you cannot use the same email address for multiple accounts. If you have already used one email address for an account, you must register for a new account using a separate email address.

8. I believe some of the information in ScholarTrack may be incorrect—what can I do?

If you have questions concerning the accuracy of information in ScholarTrack, you may contact our Student Support Center by calling 888.528.4719

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