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Commission Policies


Ten years after the Indiana General Assembly established Ivy Tech Community College as the state's comprehensive community college system, now is the time to reflect, to acknowledge successes and opportunities for improvement, and to determine the best path forward as Ivy Tech begins its next decade of service to Indiana students, local communities and the state's economy.


The Indiana Commission for Higher Education regards the Regional Campuses of Indiana University and Purdue University as valuable contributors to the state’s system of higher education. Recognizing the unique characteristics of each Regional Campus, the principles outlined on the documents which follow are designed as overarching directions that reflect a more efficient and effective role for Regional Campuses in Indiana’s system of higher education.


The Indiana Commission for Higher Education regards the offering of rigorous dual credit courses as means for expanding access to postsecondary opportunities, encouraging students to pursue higher education, and increasing college completion rates. The documents which follow outline the Commission’s dual credit policies.


  • State Policy on Associate Degree Programs Offered at Public Institutions
    The intent of this policy is to clarify statewide usage of degree designations for associates degree, elucidate discussion about associates degree curricular content, communicate effectively to students about associate degree offerings by public institutions, facilitate transfer of associate degree credit so that as many students as possible will have the opportunity to continue their postsecondary education, avoid needless duplication of state resources, and sharpen institutional missions.
  • Ivy Tech State College Industrial Apprenticeship Technology Programs: Key Academic Understandings
    This policy allows Ivy Tech to develop Industrial Apprenticeship Technology Programs with any company in their region, as long as the curriculum developed for each company conforms to the model curriculum for that trade specialty. These trades include electricians, facilities maintenance, machine repair, sheet metal worker, etc.
  • Resolution to Update Commission Policy Regarding Associate Degrees
    Commission policy has shifted associate degree production to the community colleges, away from the four-year institutions. While the Commission remains committed to this policy, discussions about the Return and Complete project have identified a narrow modification to this policy that would be in the interest of students who completed a substantial amount of credit toward a baccalaureate degree at a four-year institution but now intend to receive an associate degree instead.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that distance learners have access to the same quality of instruction available on campus.

Indiana's Framework for Policy and Planning Development

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