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Teacher Recruitment Programs

STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund

The STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund was established by the Indiana General Assembly during the 2013 Legislative Session. The fund provides grants to high-performing organizations and programs working to increase the number of high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers in Indiana school corporations encountering shortages of qualified teachers and in schools located in underserved areas.

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Teacher Residency Grant Pilot Program

The Teacher Residency Grant Pilot Program and Fund were established in 2019 House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1009 by the Indiana General Assembly to develop and fund one-year, post-graduate residencies for teachers to receive training for purposes of teaching kindergarten through 12th grade in schools in participating school corporations or charter schools. The 2019 HEA 1009 is contained in State of Indiana statute in Indiana Code 21-18-15.1.


Grants may be awarded to school corporations and charter schools that have, or that will establish:

  • A current partnership with one (1) approved postsecondary educational institutional to establish and implement a teacher residency program

  • A teacher residency plan where program participants receive teacher training under the residency program for a one-year period

  • A process by which program participants and mentor teachers are provided with stipends during the active program period


To apply for grant consideration, please review the Request for Proposals

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