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2002 ACFR

2002 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report


  • All the 2002 ACFR files are in Adobe Acrobat and are annotated with bookmarks, which may be accessed by clicking on Window, then (Show) Bookmarks. You may go to any page by clicking on that page in the bookmarks. To view an Adobe Acrobat file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available free of charge at Adobe's Website.
Get Acrobat Reader for free--Click Here

Get Acrobat Reader for free--Click Here

You may download the ACFR in its entirety or you may download it in parts.

Entire 2002 ACFR
Introductory Section Pages i - xvi
Financial Section Pages 1 - 18
Financial Section Pages 19 - 44
Financial Section Pages 45 - 88
Financial Section Pages 89 - 100
Financial Section Pages 101 - 138
Statistical Section Pages 139 - 172