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About the Auditor

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About the Auditor

Tera K. Klutz is the 57th Auditor of State in Indiana, and the first Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to serve as the state’s chief financial officer. Auditor Klutz was appointed by Governor Eric J. Holcomb in January 2017 and then elected to a four-year term in November 2018.

As Auditor, her mission is to be focused on providing accurate information, maintaining and enhancing government transparency, and delivering great customer service to Hoosiers.

Prior to becoming the Auditor of State, Klutz worked as a Senior Accountant at both Crowe and Price Waterhouse Coopers in Ft. Wayne. She was then elected in 2010 and again in 2014 to serve as the County Auditor in Allen County where she streamlined the local government processes, reduced debt, and maintained a balanced budget with responsible reserves.

From 2013-2016, Auditor Klutz served as Chair for the Association of Indiana Counties’ Legislative Committee. In 2016, Auditor Klutz was named the “Indiana Auditor of the Year” by the Indiana Auditors’ Association for her dedicated and tireless work and was later elected by Indiana’s 91 other county auditors to serve as the 2017 President-elect.

During her service as Auditor of State, Klutz continues to update the Indiana Transparency Portal to use the latest in data delivery technology to provide a more accessible and in-depth look at Indiana’s finances and assets. Auditor Klutz also created an Internal Controls Department to review and document the processes within the office in order to reduce the risk of misstatement or opportunities for fraud within the state’s financial system.

About the Auditor’s Office

There are five departments in the Auditor of State’s office — Accounts Payable, Accounting, Finance, Settlements, and Payroll. Each of these departments plays a crucial role in the functionality of state government. From paying state employees to balancing the state’s checkbook to working with locals and developing year-end financial reports, these departments and the employees within them are dedicated to accurate and transparent accounting on behalf of Hoosiers across the state.

As State Auditor, Klutz has four primary responsibilities including:

  • Accounting for all state funds
  • Overseeing and disbursing county, city, town, and school tax distributions
  • Paying the state’s bills and state employees
  • Administering Indiana’s Deferred Compensation Plan, known as Hoosier S.T.A.R.T.

For a complete biography and headshot of Auditor Klutz, contact comments@auditor.in.gov.

Auditor Tera Klutz