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Server Training Classes

Indiana state law requires completion of a certified server training program for persons holding an Employee Permit to dispense alcoholic beverages. The certification must be obtained no later than 120 days from the date of hire at an alcohol establishment.

To assist permit holders in meeting this requirement, the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission now offers online certified server training. There is no charge for the ATC online training and it meets all requirements for server certification. There are two ways to access this training.

1. If you are applying online for a new employee permit, you are offered the option to complete the training during the application process. Follow the link to start the Employee Permit Application process.

2. If you applied for and have received your permit by using a paper application or you currently hold an employee permit and have not yet completed the certification training, follow the link to start the Online Training. After you log in to your MyLicense account with Access Indiana, click the Education tab on the left navigation menu to access server training. For online server training support, email


The Alcohol & Tobacco Commission does allow third parties to provide server training certification. These certified training providers have been approved by the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission and their programs meet the server training certification requirements for persons holding Employee Permits. Here is the list of Approved Trainers.

If you wish to become a certified trainer that provides third party certification, you must attend an instruction program provided by the Indiana State Excise Police. Follow the link below to be redirected the Indiana State Excise Police page that outlines the requirements and a listing of scheduled class dates.  Trainer Certification


If your business or organization wishes to obtain training other than certified server training, please contact your local Indiana State Excise Police District.