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COVID-19 Action

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is open for walk-ins. However, to provide the best customer service and reduce wait times, we strongly recommend you to make an appointment. Appointments can be made here: https://secure.in.gov/apps/atc/appointments/schedule/welcome.aspxPlease arrive to the ATC with a completed application. 

Additionally, customers are strongly encouraged to call or email the ATC to see if their questions can be answered by one of our staff first.

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Mission Statement

The general purposes of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission's work, as defined by law, are:

  • To protect the economic welfare, health, peace, and morals of the people of this state
  • To regulate and limit the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • To regulate the sale, possession, and distribution of tobacco products
  • To provide for the raising of revenue

ATC Information & Announcements

Announcement – 2022 Spring Permit Auction: The Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission will hold an alcoholic beverage permit auction at 10:00AM on April 7, 2022. Please see the Alcoholic Beverage Permit Auction page for additional details.

Notice - ATC Review of Expired Permits: The Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is reviewing expired permits.  If a permittee does not renew a permit within 6 months of the expiration date, the permit shall revert to the commission.  Prior to the permit reverting to the commission, the commission shall provide written notice to the permittee informing the permittee of the date that the permittee's permit will revert to the commission.  The commission is sending written notice to the permittee's on this expired permit list with the date the permit will revert if it is not renewed.  If you recently renewed your permit, you may disregard this notice.  Click here to check the status of a permit.

AnnouncementScheduling Appointments at the ATC: The ATC will open to the public and appointment. Appointments can be scheduled at https://secure.in.gov/apps/atc/appointments/schedule/welcome.aspx.  The ATC is not currently scheduling same-day appointments. Please have you confirmation number available at the time of your appointment.

Appointments will be scheduled in 15 minute increments from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm with the last appointment scheduled for 4:00 pm to 4:15 pm. Appointments will not be available on Wednesdays.

  • Appointment conduct: Only one appointment may be scheduled at a time to ensure that adequate social distancing can be accomplished.  At the time of the appointment, the following guidelines must be followed:
    • Customer must complete all forms and payment prior to arriving for an appointment.  Applications can be found online at https://www.in.gov/atc/2409.htm and should be completed prior to visiting the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission offices.  If you have questions about the application, please contact the appropriate permit processor by phone or email.  A contact list for Alcohol and Tobacco Commission employees can be found at https://www.in.gov/atc/2411.htm.
    • Customer must enter the Indiana Government Center South at the public entrance off Senate Street.
    • Customer shall indicate to the building security at the entrance that the customer has an appointment with the ATC.
    • Customer must wait at the public entrance for an employee of the ATC to escort the customer to the ATC offices.
    • The ATC employee must wear a mask during the entire appointment.
    • The ATC employee must escort the customer to the ATC lobby while observing a 6 foot distance.
    • The ATC customer will remain in the ATC lobby and the ATC employee will remain on the employee side of the glass window during the appointment.
    • The ATC employee may wear gloves during the appointment but it is recommended by the Indiana State Department of Health to wash hands or use hand sanitizer following interactions with the public.
    • The ATC customer should remain on the marking in the lobby to ensure a 6 foot social distance.
    • The ATC customer may need to approach the window to exchange documents and then return to the mark on the floor.
    • No cash or credit card payments will be accepted.
    • The ATC employee must escort the customer back to the public entrance to exit the building.
    • The public will not be allowed in the government center without an escort.

NOTICE - For the latest COVID-19 related updates please visit the ATC’s COVID-19 Update Page.

Announcement - Regarding the Exclusive Sale of Distribution Rights: After public hearings which included testimony and written comments, the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, in a unanimous decision, found that the sale of exclusive distribution rights does create a prohibited interest across tiers and is inimical to the provisions of title 7.1. The commission also decided that the decision would not be applied retroactively.

NOTICE - The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is now offering the ability for employee permit applicants and permittees to print their own permit from their licensing homepage. Permittees will no longer need to pay the $10 reissuance fee to the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, they can print a reissuance at any time from the site. Please reference the screenshot below.

NOTICE - The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is aware of the United States Supreme Court decision made in Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Thomas. The Commission is currently reviewing the opinion to determine how, if at all, the decision will impact Indiana’s alcohol laws and permittees.

NOTICE - The Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission and the Indiana State Excise Police announce the start of the PACE program (Proactive Alcohol Compliance Enforcement).