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Alcohol Permit Information

General Information & Announcements

NOTICE:  Employee permits are now able be printed at any time by visiting the Indiana Licensing Enterprise homepage.

Have a question about alcoholic beverage permits? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Commission Meetings

Pursuant to state law (I.C. 7.1-2-1-10), the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. (eastern time). The Commission may also hold special meetings as necessary. Public notices for Commission meetings (including the date, time, location, and agenda) are posted at the ATC office and on the State Calendar system.

NOTE: Commission meetings are now held in-person at the ATC office and virtually via Microsoft Teams. If you are virtually attending a Commission meeting, please mute yourself upon joining the meeting. This can be done in the Microsoft Teams app or webpage by using the microphone button, or by pressing *67 on your phone when calling the conference call phone number.

* Agendas are subject to change without notice.

Escrow Hearings

Local Alcoholic Beverage Board Hearings

Each of Indiana's 92 counties has a local board that investigates and votes on all applications for alcoholic beverage retailer and dealer permits in their respective county. Each local board is comprised of four members – one appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, one appointed by the chief executive of the largest city or town in the county, one by the county fiscal body, and one designated by the Commission, who is usually an officer of the Indiana State Excise Police.

A current schedule of the Local Alcoholic Beverage Board hearing dates and locations can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Local board hearing schedules are updated regularly and include the current month and the following month. However, please keep in mind that the local board hearing schedule only includes those applications that have been recently advertised for a local board hearing (required by Indiana law) or had a hearing continued from a prior local board hearing date. There may be other applications scheduled to be heard at a local board hearing that were continued from previous hearings and/or added after creation of the local board schedule.

More information regarding the local board process can be found in the 2018 Local Board Handbook. New or existing local board members who have not previously received or documented their required training must review the LB Training Document within 180 days of their appointment. Once a local board member has reviewed the training materials, they must submit a Training Completion Form to the board's designated member, typically an Excise officer assigned to the board.

Commission Meeting Minutes & Final Orders

Non-Rule Policies

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission has adopted several non-rule policies intended to clarify certain policies and procedures or provide its interpretation of a particular statute, administrative rule, or both.

Advisory Opinions

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission has developed a procedure for industry representatives and permit holders who wish to seek guidance or obtain a formal opinion from the Commission.

Permit Transfer Prices by Jurisdiction

Pursuant to Indiana Code 7.1-3-24-3.5, the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is required to collect and publish sale prices for transferred permits. The report, including jurisdiction and permit type, can be found here.