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ATC Adopted Nonrule Policies

A nonrule policy document is intended to clarify for the public the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission’s (ATC) interpretation of an ATC statute or rule. It is not intended by the Agency to have the effect of law, nor is not related solely to internal ATC organization. Nonrule policy documents are authorized by 4-22-7-7(a)(5).  A nonrule policy document becomes effective upon adoption and shall be sent for publication in the Indiana Register.

Nonrule policy documents that are open for inspection and comment are listed as "proposed." If you have questions or comments, please contact the ATC prior to the date of the public hearing.

ATC Nonrule Policy List (updated 10/16/18)

Nonrule Policy 002 - Appeal from denial of primary source registration

Nonrule Policy 003 - Appeal from denial of direct wine seller’s application

Nonrule Policy 004 - Server Training

Nonrule Policy 005 - Trainer Programs

Nonrule Policy 006 - In State Direct Wine Seller Application

Nonrule Policy 007 - Out of State Direct Wine Seller Application

Nonrule Policy 008 - Micro Wine Wholesaler

Nonrule Policy 009 - Gaming Site - Event

Nonrule Policy 010 - Appeal from denial of type II gaming manufacturer or distributor license

Nonrule Policy 011 - Coupons and Rebates

Nonrule Policy 013 - Beer Dispensing Devices

Nonrule Policy 014 - Banners

Nonrule Policy 015 - Transfer of Permit

Nonrule Policy 016 - Electronic Fund Transfers

Nonrule Policy 017 - Operating With Newly Issued or Renewed Permit 

Nonrule Policy 018 - Type II Gaming Endorsement Applications

Nonrule Policy 019 - Artisan Distiller Permit Applications

Nonrule Policy 020 - Temporary Beer Service Stations

Nonrule Policy 021 - Newly Issued or Renewed Type II Gaming Endorsement

Nonrule Policy 022 - Permitted E-Liquid Manufacturer Reporting Guidelines

Nonrule Policy 023 - Permit Escrow Procedures

Nonrule Policy 024 - Guidelines For Accepting Or Returning Permit Applications

Nonrule Policy 025 - Temporary Permits & Supplemental Caterings for Applicants with Pending Permit Applications

Nonrule Policy 026 - Floorplans and On-site Inspections