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Responding to an Accommodation Request

Never had a request for accommodation?

Check out this simple how-to list.

Have a clear place on your website or event materials of how a person can contact your staff to request accommodation. When someone reaches out, listen to their request and respond promptly, at least to let them know you will work on the request.

Tip: Add an accommodation request line in all of your registrations, ticket sales, event sign-ups, or create a webpage with directions on how to request accommodations.

If you don’t know how to make the accommodation, ask for help. If you need to, ask clarifying questions of the person who made the request. That person will know the best accommodations for their needs. If it isn’t something you’ve done before, check with online resources or the many disability groups around the state to seek advice and support.

Create the accommodation or work directly with the person to find a good alternative.

Check in with the person to follow up and see if the accommodation did meet their needs.

  1. Document the request for accommodations and the costs associated so that you can plan for future budgeting and strategic planning.
  2. Train your staff on disability etiquette, how to receive an accommodation request, and how to provide good customer service.
  3. Research future grants/funding support to continue being accessible.

How much advance notice should we expect for accommodations:

  • For general accommodations: It’s reasonable to request 2 weeks of notice for an accommodation. Make sure you advertise this request timeline on your website and all of your event materials. “Our event is on May 30th...We welcome requests for ADA accommodations. Please submit requests to info@artsvenue by May 15th.”
  • For some theatre performances or very complicated, in-depth events/performances: A month or longer may be appropriate to make sure your interpreter has time to familiarize themselves with the material. Ask your local interpreter agency for details.
  • For general braille requests: It may take 4-6 weeks to have braille materials produced.
  • Remember: Many accommodations don’t take a lot of time to provide and may be requested in the moment. A person may need to request the ability to have a drink or food-related to their disability or a service animal in a space that normally prohibits those things.
  • What do you do if you can’t make accommodation because it’s a last-minute request? Talk with the person to see what other possible accommodations could work.