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Myths of Accessibility

Myth: We’re ‘grandfathered’ in.

Truth: All events and places must be accessible - even historic homes/older places. There is no such thing as ‘grandfathered’ when it comes to the ADA. Access this checklist for tips on making historic homes and sites accessible.

Myth: Accommodations are expensive.

Truth: There are many low-cost options and community resources and nonprofits that offer free assistance. Looking for resources?  Easterseals Crossroads is one such Indiana organization that can help.

Myth: There aren’t many people with disabilities in our community.

Truth: People with disabilities are members of every community. Some disabilities are invisible. Maybe you’re not seeing many people with disabilities because your events are not yet inclusive for people with disabilities.

Myth: Accommodation needs are the same for all people with a similar disability. (i.e. All people who are deaf want ASL accommodations. All people who are blind want braille accommodations.)

Truth: People with disabilities have unique needs. Ask the person what their preferred accommodation is.

Myth: There has to be a minimum number of people with disabilities for us to rise to the level of providing accommodations.

Truth: It is required that you provide accommodations to any person needing an accommodation.