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How to Grow Accessibility

Train yourself/staff/volunteers on disability etiquette and language

Advertise your willingness to make accommodations

  • Use the universal symbols for accessibility services
  • Make a public notice ahead of your event to invite accommodations requests (it’s common to ask for two weeks advance notice for certain accommodations)
  • Include a line for accommodation requests in every registration or ticket sales form

Connect with local disability advocacy and support groups to learn more about resources in your community

Prepare your front line event staff/volunteers on how to make accommodations on the spot

  • Make sure they know basic Disability Etiquette & language (see above)
  • Make sure they know what flexibility is available for people with disabilities
  • Make sure they know which other staff they can go to for help when presented with an accommodation request

Do an audit of your website, printed materials, and physical space

Add accessibility goals to your strategic plan to ensure that it is a part of your everyday work at every level of your organization

True accessibility is an ongoing, core component of an organization. A disability-inclusive organization/program/event is designed well before a person registers to attend or enters the space.