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Compliance Warranty Methods

Self-Assessment Checklist

Someone in your organization should carefully complete the checklist provided to assess the accessibility of your programs and your space. If you identify an area you are not accessible, it should be remedied immediately to remain eligible for funding. If you need help with a remedy, you can contact the IAC’s accessibility coordinator or check with the many resource organizations listed below.

Independent Accessibility Assessment

Has your organization recently hired an architect or other consultant expert who has verified compliance with ADA requirements? ADA is not solely about physical space, but also about accessibility to all people in the community including sight impairments, hearing impairments, and a wide spectrum of disabilities that need accommodations.

Recommendation from a Citizen Advisory Committee comprised of people with disabilities:

We highly recommend everyone consult with individuals with disabilities frequently to get direct feedback on the accessibility issues. This method of warranty is describing an intentional committee comprised of people with disabilities who can make recommendations for your programming or venue accessibility.


If none of the above apply, you will need to describe what other ways you ensure your programming and/or venues are accessible to the public in compliance with all ADA requirements.

Have questions?

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Arts Education and Accessibility Manager
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