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Funding Imperatives

Our Principles

Public resources are invested on behalf of every taxpayer to produce public value for all. The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) makes these investments through grants, and at the heart of each grant are the following principles:

  • Excellence, because all should be able to have the highest possible artistic experience
  • Authenticity, because all artistic endeavors have value.
  • Inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA), because all should feel welcome and have the opportunity to benefit.
  • Education, because all should be changed through the experience.

Outcomes that follow these principles should advance the well-being of all and build culturally rich, cohesive, peaceful, and prosperous communities.

Our Priorities

Based on a strategic review of grant programs, the Indiana Arts Commission places strategic priority on community engagement initiatives that are grounded in our principles, with an emphasis on IDEA work. We believe this will bring grant programs more in line with cultural development, community development, economic development, and social and civic engagement across a range of policy, programming, and funding agencies. The Commissioners approved the recommended changes in September 2016 for FY18 and beyond.