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Impact of the Arts

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Over 160,000 Hoosiers are employed in the creative economy and nearly 60% of these are entrepreneurs running small businesses.

There's no question, the arts are a significant economic driver. Contributing $8.4 billion annually to Indiana’s economy, increasing property values, and driving tourism are just a few examples of how the arts art taking Indiana to the next level. Add in the educational and social benefits and it's not hard to understand with the Indiana General Assembly believes in this core investment. Explore the stories below to read real life Hoosier examples of the arts helping students make gains in the classroom, improving the quality of life for senior citizens, driving investment and revitalization projects, and beyond!

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Indiana weaver Megan Benson has been learning new techniques, creating new work and launching her creative business. Something she didn't anticipate was how her volunteer work with Exodus Refugee clients would impact her life and creative work.

In the State of Indiana over 160,000 citizens are employed in the creative industries, and nearly 60% of these are entrepreneurs running small businesses. Read about the impact of this creative activity.

Readings at community gatherings and book clubs have led to discussions on immigration, hope, resilience and belonging. They have been rich discussions. My hope is that the book will continue to spark conversations in more communities.

The opioid epidemic has become an increasing concern in Indiana, and because youth are most likely to start experimenting with drugs between the ages of 10 and 14, many are wrestling with how to talk to them about this growing crisis. Art can help.

The arts give those who struggle with conventional communication a way to overcome physical limitations and achieve expression and connection. Click to read about a South Bend program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.