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The IAC has been working alongside the creative sector to deepen our advancement of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) since the adoption of the agency’s 2017 strategic plan. Some of the highlights of that work include embracing community engagement to deepen the role, relevancy, and value of arts and creativity in communities; IDEA resources, trainings, and workshops; and most importantly, adopting a Cultural Equity statement to guide our work going forward. This has taken shape in changes in our grant programs, as well as in upcoming opportunities.

We are now taking the critical next step of looking more deeply at our programs, services, and operations, starting with the Arts Organization Support programThe IAC has engaged the consulting team of Anne Jin Soo Preston, Levon Williams, Kai Fierle-Hedrick, and Benjamin Alfaro to guide us through this first phase, which we plan to have completed before the end of 2022.

In June, the Indiana Arts Commission gathered for a statewide address, For Everyone in Indiana: Living Our Visionwhere we shared about our equity work and upcoming initiatives, and introduced the consulting team who shared how you can get involved to help inform our future. You can watch a recording of the address below.

Following the June address, the consultants led participants from around the state through a series of facilitator-led Funding Web Discussions to explore where influence, funding, and knowledge are concentrated in the arts ecosystem. From there, the consultants led Input on Grantmaking Sessions where participants gave input on the current system and shared thoughts on the future

View the preliminary results from the first phase of this work.

Have questions, feedback, or concerns about this work? Let us know.