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Central Indiana Highlights

Summer Enrichment Program

With the third-smallest population in the state, Warren County residents have created a tight-knit community. Continuing to build that community and welcome newcomers, is the Warren County Learning Center. The center will use an Arts Project Support grant to provide multigeneration arts enrichment experiences that lead to civic engagement, personal growth, and social bonding.

Committed to inclusion, the center implements an outreach program involving the Hispanic community in the community’s local agricultural industry. Helping to build a community of inclusion is a teacher at the center, who herself is an immigrant. She actively encourages the participation of folks who don’t speak English in events. As a result, together we are actively planning for a Mexican Fiesta class full of authentic cultural activities, music, and food.License Plate

About Warren County Learning Center

The mission of the Warren County Learning Center is to enrich our community by engaging students and audiences and to inspire a love of the arts through innovative programming, performances, gallery showings, and educational classes.

The Old Washington Street Festival

The Old Washington Street Festival is a long-standing, two-day street fair celebrating the Victorian, Italianate, and Craftsman architecture in the historic neighborhood. As the festival has grown to attract 8,000-10,000 visitors each year, it has evolved to showcase local artists, makers, and entertainers. The East Central Neighborhood Association will use an Arts Project Support grant to support the musicians and poets that will line the four blocks on the festival.License Plate

About the East Central Neighborhood Association

The mission of the East Central Neighborhood Association is to promote active involvement of all residents of the East Central Neighborhood of the City of Muncie, Indiana, in building a better community by promoting and maintaining an organization for the advancement of residential land use.

Linda Luebke Strings Festival

The Linda Luebke Strings Festival is an annual that celebrates string instruments, music education, and having fun! The program is primarily geared toward students in grades 5-12. Students from all playing levels are immersed in music education activities with the goal of helping them to improve their overall musicianship.  Traditionally, the festival has served the greater Vigo County area, however, due to the pandemic, the festival is presented in a virtual space and welcomes teachers and students from across the globe. The festival is using an Arts Project Support grant to grow the program and strengthen virtual activities.License Plate

About the Linda Luebke Strings Festival

The mission of the Linda Luebke Strings Festival is to provide an extra opportunity for strings students to expand their musical knowledge.

Family Art Experiences

Recognizing that the arts provide young children with multi-sensory experiences and help them build cognitive, social-emotional and self-regulatory skills, Early Learning Indiana will use its Arts Project Support grant to host an arts enrichment event for the families served in its Day Early Learning (DEL) schools. Providing these experiences is even more critical after a tumultuous year in which many children’s early education was interrupted due to the pandemic, and in a time in which families feel less connected to their child’s daily classroom activities because of distancing restrictions.

At the event, Arts for Learning teaching artists will guide children and their parents/caretakers in creating small art pieces, which the artists will later arrange into larger art installations that will be displayed across the schools. This event will build from the existing curriculum and will provide families an opportunity to learn and experience the arts together.

The program will benefit approximately 700 students and their families across ELI’s eight DEL schools. ELI believes that high-quality early learning experiences should be available to children from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and research shows that the best learning occurs in diverse environments.License Plate

About Early Learning Indiana

Early Learning Indiana is on a mission to ensure children throughout Indiana are empowered with essential skills to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

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