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Governor's Arts Awards - Past Awards

The awards themselves are designed to encourage the continued work of Indiana artists. In addition to seeing nominations for award recipients, the IAC conducts a limited call to contemporary visual artists seeking proposals for the awards. A committee reviews artist proposals and samples of previous work, and then selects an artist to create original works of art to use for the awards. Awards have included sculptures made of glass, limestone, and ceramics; blown glass vessels, and paintings. Lois Main Templeton, Leigh Taylor Wyatt, David Rodenberg, and Red Rohall are among the distinguished list of Hoosier artists who have created previous Governor's Arts Awards.

Governor Eric Holcomb with award recipient Twyla Tharp

Woodwork by Tim Kennedy
Tim's piece features rustic and classic elements incorporated into a simplistic, contemporary design.

Award recipient Babyface with Rita Eykamp and Trevor Yager

Textile by Daren Redman
Daren's piece is a "square-in-a-square" composition inspired by the Indiana Amish quilt-makers, and incorporates the radiant seasonal colors found in Indiana. Each award included a small block of wood from Indiana's Constitutional Elm provided by the Indiana State Museum and State Historic Sites.

 Limestone sculpture by William Galloway

Limestone Sculpture by William Galloway
Inspired by Indiana's limestone tradition of making beautiful pieces that travel throughout the world, Galloway carved heavy limestone into thin dancer-like figures, while maintaining the stone's central axis. Additionally, he created 10-foot versions to be permanently installed in each of Indiana's five cultural districts at a later date. 

 Glass Sculpture by Ben Johnson

Glass Sculpture by Ben Johnson
This piece of art is made of hand-blown glass that has multiple overlays of color engraved and sandblasted through to reveal a pattern and surface texture to the award. Rows of alternating color hint at Indiana's agricultural heritage.  Image by Peter Ringenberg.

 Mixed Media by India Cruse-Grffin

Mixed Media by India Cruse-Griffin
The artwork is reminiscent of the everyday life of the people Indiana, created using mixed media such as paper, paint and silver leaf on Plexiglas circles. The central figure, a dancer, holds ribbons signifying the five disciplines of artistic endeavor, outlined by the state of Indiana.

 Ceramic Platter by Karen Green Stone 2007
Ceramic Platter by Karen Green Stone
The artwork represents Indiana's state flower, the peony.
 Metalwork by Jack Brubaker 2005
Metalwork by Jack Brubaker
The artwork combines traditional European ironwork with art deco styling featuring elements of native Indiana plant life.
 Oil on Masonite by Red Rohall 2003
Oil on Masonite by Red Rohall
 Ceramic Platter by David Rodenburg 2001
Ceramic Platter by David Rodenburg
 Glass Vase by Leigh Taylor 1999
Glass Vase by Leigh Taylor
 Panting by Lois Main Templeton 1997
Panting by Lois Main Templeton

 Silver by Randi Long

 Glass and metalwork by Arlon Bayliss and Jan Martin  1993
 Glass and metalwork by Arlon Bayliss and Jan Martin
Raku Pottery by George Debikey 1991
Raku Pottery by George Debikey
 Glass sculpture by Beverly Precious 1989
 Glass sculpture by Beverly Precious
 Wood sculpture by John McNaughton  1987
 Wood sculpture by John McNaughton