Fiscal Year 2008 Individual Artist Program Grantees


Diane Huxhold
County: Allen
Huxhold will use the grant to develop a body of clay sculpture to be shown at Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery. The themes she is exploring focus on the interconnectedness of human and animal qualities along with the natural cycles that we experience in a number of large and small ways throughout the course of our lives such as birth, death and reemergence. Much of Huxhold’s inspiration is drawn from the myths, legends and artwork of ancient China, Mexico and the Pacific Northwest. 

Andrea Christie
County: Marion
Christie will use the grant to create a series of sculptural ceramic houses utilizing the technique of mold making and sprayed glazes for exhibition in Indianapolis. The series will be based on the experience of losing her home and neighborhood in New Orleans to Hurricane Katrina. Christie is a native Hoosier who resided in New Orleans from 2001 until 2005 when her family fled the historic neighborhood of Broadmoor two days before Katrina hit.

Nancy McCroskey
County: Allen
McCroskey’s grant will be used for a current project involving botanical tile installations with large tiles. In the past, McCroskey focused on mosaic ceramic tile mounted on wood. With her new technique, she is working with modular, hollow, relief tile which simplifies mounting and allows for interior or exterior installations. 

Charlotte Paul
County: Greene
OVO in Latin means egg.  Paul wants to use her grant to work with this shape (in painting, collage and drawing), to create new glass designs. She plans to take her designs to a glass studio in Louisville, Kentucky to work with skilled glass artists so she can move her work from a two-dimensional format to three-dimensional glass sculpture. This experience will offer Paul a foundation for creating potential new public art works.

Ms. Daren Redman
County: Brown
Redman’s grant will go toward creating three large Art Quilts based on the composition, motifs and colors of the Native American Indian art at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. She plans to exhibit these quilts at a public venue in downtown Indianapolis. This idea for Redman’s project is based on an exhibit by Micheal James at the Racine Art Museum, Racine Wisconsin, March 2006.

Larry Spears
County: Brown
Spears is a professional potter who has created a one day mini-workshop for the public called “Clay Day” for the past nine years. The grant will help Spears once again host this event, which always takes place on the first Saturday in August at his gallery in Brown County Indiana.

Barbara Zech
County: Marion
Zech will develop a body of work that combines her existing clay work with handmade paper and painting. The grant will allow Zech to take a period of time away from her job as a teaching artist in order to truly cultivate her work.

Bonnie Zimmer
County: Jasper
Zimmer plans to use her funds for a fiber sculpture installation to be created for the Indianapolis Art Center ArtsPark. Entitled, ORBS, the work will consist of organic, spherical forms, woven and constructed with locally harvested natural and recycled materials ranging in size from 12 inches up to 8 feet in diameter. The forms will be installed in selected trees that line the walkway running along the north edge and west end of the sculpture park.


Ms. Malke Rosenfeld
County: Monroe
Rosenfeld’s grant will allow her to update and improve her promotional materials, focusing specifically on those related to her nationally award-winning school program, Math in Your Feet.

Li Zhang
County: Tippecanoe
Zhang will use her funds to design a brochure to send out to schools, organizations, and galleries in indiana promoting cultural diversity.

Robin L. McBride Scott
County: Henry
McBride Scott’s grant will help her focus on conducting research on pre-contact Rivercane basketry weaving and creating samples of weaving techniques, styles and design represented in the collection. She plans to develop educational and interpretive materials for a Rivercane Basketry exhibit. 


Helen Frost
County: Allen
In 2004, Frost received IAC funding to travel to the Isle of Barra in Scotland to research a novel-in-poems which is partially set there.

Ms. Anne Haines
County: Monroe
Haines’ funds will help her complete a book-length manuscript of poetry, tentatively entitled Land Mammal, for submission to publishers. The manuscript will consist primarily of poems she has written over the past three to four years.

Jennifer Jensen
County: Boone
Jensen will use her grant to create a book for children. She believes books open a child’s world to adventures, new and exciting cultures, situations that validate their own experiences, and characters who help them understand different views and perspectives.

Ms. Shari Wagner
County: Hamilton
Wagner received IAC grants in 2003-04 and 2005-06 which she used to create a series of persona poems about historical women and men with Indiana connections. With this grant, she will create an extension of this series.

Media Arts

Ms. Susanne Schwibs
County: Monroe
Schwibs’ grant will help her create a Feldafing Documentary, telling the story of a half German, half Brazilian raised in Bloomington, Indiana whose German father attended the elitist of Hitler’s elite schools. By weaving together footage of her as a child, photographs from her father’s albums and interviews she has conducted with family and attendees of the school, Schwibs will examine how everyday life in late 30’s to mid-40’s Germany intersects with larger historical and philosophical questions. The story of Schwibs’ father is unique and unusual, but his process through childhood into adulthood (from enthusiasm to disillusionment) points to issues anyone could face regarding personal responsibility in the face of the human condition.


Cary John Boyce
County: Monroe
Boyce’s grant will aid in the production of an arts video of his Ave Maria for a cappella choir that will be distributed through various media such as: YouTube,, American Music Center, New Music Jukebox, and direct e-mail links.



Becky Hart Archibald
County: Marion
Hart Archibald’s funds will allow her to market and promote her composition skills. The IAC helped fund her dream of performing a solo concert in Carnegie Hall in 2005-06.


Christopher Rutkowski
County: Marion
Rutowski’s grant will help him construction a music technology and multi-media home studio including hardware and music and multi-media software. This studio will allow him to create cd-quality hard-disk recordings, archive his work and create electronic composition. Rutowski has been commissioned for one electro-acoustic piece that will be composed for performance and recorded for a CD by Davis Brooks, Professor of Violin at Butler University. 


John Wachala
County: Lake
With his grant,
Wachala will participate in the William Bennett International Flute Summer School in England. This intensive workshop for classical flutists takes place July 29 through August 8, 2007 and is taught by William Bennett. The workshop is primarily a masterclass format, where participants play for the master teacher and fellow musicians, receiving guidance on all aspects of performance, musical and technical skills.

Mei Zhong
County: Delaware 
Zhong will use her grant to make a recording of the song cycle “The Silvered Lute” from a Wang Wei Song Album by the English/American composer Dr. Derek Healey. She will also include songs written by San San Chen, such as the song Yu-Lin-Ling.


John Bower
County: Monroe
Bower will use his grant money to replace his vintage carousel slide projector with a state-of-the-art multi-media projector for use during promotional presentations. Bower regularly presents at venues such as libraries and historical societies in Indiana to discuss his photography and teach photography concepts and techniques.

Linda Goodine
County: Marion
Goodine’s funds will allow her to create a project in conjunction with the Sylvia Plath 75th Year Symposium to be held at the University of Oxford. She will focus on presenting her work in the context of its relationship to the poetry of a specific literary figure. Goodine’s piece will also serve as an interdisciplinary component for a contemporary dance performance to take place at the Symposium.

Andrea Hoelscher
County: Spencer
Hoelscher will produce and finish five to eight new photographs to present in the exhibition, Other Worlds/Altered Visions, at the Indianapolis Art Center with her grant. This exhibition will run December 14, 2007 to February 10, 2008.

Mr. H. Richard Paul
County: Monroe 
With his grant, Paul will take two photographic series - Indiana Forests and Grasses and Wildflowers - he has been working on since 2004 to a higher level of accomplishment by upgrading the tools used for the capture process.  These images are informed by a compositional and coloristic approach honed during almost 30 years experience as a landscape painter, and by a love of Asian art.

Paul Smedberg
County: Monroe
Smedberg plans to use his funds to work with experts in the field of large digital photographic printing to learn artistic variables and techniques. He will work with the experts on a number of my own pieces to produce large-scale, gallery-worthy images. Smedberg’s photographic assemblages are combinations and visual remixes of his own original photographs.

Kyle Spears
County: Brown
Spears will use his grant to continue to build upon his study of lighting in photography. He will purchase a Speedotron 3-Light System to use to create a portraiture study of six Brown County artists, all of whom work in different mediums. Using the new lighting system, Spears will photograph the artists and their work in their own working environments. Following the photography sessions, he will print at least twelve of the images for exhibition. The exhibition will be held at Spears Gallery, in Nashville, Indiana, during the month of April 2008, with an opening reception to be held on Saturday, April 5, 2008.

Summer Zimmer
County: Kosciusko
Zimmer will use her grant to upgrade her darkroom equipment, specifically her enlarger
. She  designed a built a darkroom in her home complete with a revolving door.



Jennifer W. Kiffmeyer
County: Wayne
Kiffmeyer will perform a series of related monologues entitled Back Home in Indiana to find meaning in the ways family and place interact.

Dante Ventresca
County: Marion
Ventresca will use his grant to travel to San Francisco, California to research other artists and organizations merging the fields of art and disability culture. A focus of his trip will be AXIS Dance Company, a modern dance company that has both disabled and able-bodied dancers.

Visual Arts

Mr. David  C. Buenrostro
County: Allen
Buenrostro will begin actively promoting his artwork with his grant. He has been painting for the last 15 years and more recently, his work has centered on themes of Mexican immigrants and migrant farm workers.

Laura Cutler
County: LaPorte 
Cutler will complete twelve finished and framed oil paintings on canvas for a solo exhibition in the State of Indiana with her grant. Each canvas will measure 24” x 48” and will depict a resident of LaPorte County.

Linda Eyermann
County: Porter
With her grant, Eyermann will create Knowing Joe, a body of work with drawings, paintings and an installation inspired by life altering changes. Ideas and inspiration for this work will come from interviews with the family and friends of Joe, an 18 year old boy who sustained brain damage as a result of an automobile accident. Eyermann will search for means of representing the impact of Joe's tragic situation and will use art to explore the emotions of those affected. The subject matter will address themes of change and loss.

Mr. John Alfred Fillwalk
County: Delaware
Fillwalk will produce The Hours Project with his grant. This project will be a high definition video production shot entirely in the midwestern United States with a focus on East Central Indiana.

Ms. Louie Laskowski
County: White
Laskowski will use her grant to hire a professional to clean soot off of artwork, art supplies, shelves, furniture, and equipment.

Linda Diane Mann
County: Sullivan
Mann’s grant will allow her to purchase 1,000 pounds of clay, framing for some of her 2D pastel collages and a digital camera to photograph her work.

Jan Randolph Martin
County: Marion
Randolph Martin will use the grant to travel to salvage yards around Indiana to take photographs of rusted surfaces and faded colors found on cars and trucks. She will use these photographs as studies to incorporate texture and color into her paintings.

James Merz
County: Allen
James will create an outdoor, interactive, kinetic public sculpture that will be sited at Whitney Young Early Childhood Center in Fort Wayne, which is part of the Summit Arts magnet school program.

Gurpran Rau
County: Tippecanoe
Gurpran will use her grant to create a new work that will be shipped to Italy for an International Exhibition.

Neil Taylor
County: Monroe
Taylor will create a woodcut print Flip-Book and MPEG digital movie of the process with his grant. The award will allow Taylor to purchase a digital camera which he will use to record the process.  Taylor has applied for an artist residency at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire to complete the project.

Ms. Lauren B. Zoll
County: Hamilton
Zoll will travel to Jerusalem to research patterns and luminosity from a specific collection of metal-work at the Israel Museum. She will also focus on night time landscapes of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Zoll will use the grant to purchase metals and supplies through which she will translate her research into sculptures.

Ms. Sarah Zuckerman
County: Marion
With her grant, Zuckerman will participate in a four week intensive printmaking course at the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IGAO) in Mexico. The IAGO is both a museum and library and was founded in 1989 by one of Mexico's most important contemporary artists, Francisco Toledo.