Regional Arts Partner Funding

Where Do the Funds Go and how is it Determined?

Regional Arts Partner funds come from the IAC in two forms: Administrative Fees for Service (AFS) and the Regional Block Grant (RBG).  AFS funds support the administrative services needed to meet core responsibilities and service requirements including the re-granting of RBG funds. 

Administrative Fees for Service (AFS)
The FY2015 average RAP Administrative Fee for Service was $16,722.  Dollars vary and are determined by number of applications, number of counties, and population within the region.

Regional Block Grant (RBG)
Each Partner receives a “Regional Block Grant” for re-granting to their designated regional service area.  RBG funds are re-granted through the Regional Initiative Grant Program (RIG) that the IAC offers through its Regional Arts Partnership.  The RIG Program has three granting categories: Arts Operating Support Level I (AOSI), Arts Operating Support Level II (AOSII), and Arts Project Support (APS).  Funds are determined by region per capita.