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The updated list of firms currently qualified by the Program is linked below.

Consultants currently qualified by the Indiana Brownfields Program


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U.S. EPA Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup Grant Awards Announced

On May 28, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) awarded 20 Brownfield Assessment Grants totaling $4,264,000 to 10 Indiana applicants, among the 147 U.S. EPA Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup grantees nationwide.  Indiana is the highest funded of six states in U.S. EPA Region 5 for this nationally competitive grant round, with a 22% increase in the number of grants awarded compared to 2014.   For Indiana's press release, click here.   For U.S. EPA's full press release, click here.

Settlement to Pay for Environmental Cleanup of Old GM Sites

Since October 20, 2010, a $773 million environmental response trust was created to address environmental liabilities associated with Motors Liquidation Corporation, (old General Motors). Eight(8) old GM facilities in Indiana are included in the trust settlement. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is the lead regulatory agency for five of the eight sites and continues to oversee and monitor environmental cleanup of the sites by the court-appointed trustee and redevelopment managers that are responsible for contracting and cleanup implementation. For more information, visit the following web sites:

White House Fact Sheet on Environmental Liabilities with GM

U.S. EPA's GM Bankruptcy Settlement Website

Indiana Attorney General's Office Press Release

Petroleum Site Eligibility for U.S. EPA Brownfield Grants

Applicants for [site-specific grants] and awardees of [community-wide grants once specific sites are selected] U.S. EPA Brownfield Grant funding for petroleum sites are required by U.S. EPA to obtain a petroleum eligibility determination letter from the state for each site where federal grant funds will be spent.  In the case of site-specific grants, per request, the petroleum determinations are issued as part of the required acknowledgement letters by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) when the original proposals are submitted to U.S. EPA.  For community-wide grants, awardees/recipients should request petroleum eligibility determination letters when specific sites are selected after being awarded a grant by U.S. EPA.

When requesting a petroleum eligibility determination after the grant is awarded, please provide written responses to the items on the form below (provided in both Word and PDF). Requests, with completed forms, should be sent to Michele Oertel, the Indiana Brownfields Program Federal Funding and Community Relations Coordinator by email at:

Petroleum Eligibility Determination Request Form (Word)
Petroleum Eligibility Determination Request Form (PDF)

Change to Disbursement Request Form

In an effort to streamline the administrative process for the Program's financial assistance, the Program has changed the way it is requiring grant/loan recipients to document compliance with Indiana's public bidding laws. The Program is no longer requiring grant/loan recipients to submit documentation demonstrating that a competitive process was used to select consultants and/or contractors prior to the Program issuing any disbursements from the grant/loan award. Instead, the Program has changed the signature block on the Brownfields Disbursement Request Form (Form) to include an affirmation statement that the grant/loan recipient followed the appropriate state public bidding laws for the work sought for reimbursement under the grant/loan award. It is possible that the person who executes the Form is not the same person who coordinated the competitive bidding process on behalf of the grant/loan recipient; if that is the case in your community, please be sure to communicate with the appropriate local official/contact prior to signing the Form since by signing the Form, the signatory will be certifying that the appropriate competitive bidding process was undertaken with respect to the grant/loan activities for which reimbursement is sought. Please note: this Form replaces the disbursement request form you may have previously used and must be used for all future disbursements, regardless of whether documentation pertaining to competitive bidding has been previously submitted to the Program. To download the Form, click here.

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