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Elevator Service Contractors List

This page has been set up so you can get a tab delimited data extract from the State of Indiana Elevator database. Click the link provided below and on the screen that opens give your Email address in the box provided and click the “Submit Query” button provided to start the data extract process. Once the extract is done correctly you will see a "Successfully run" page. You can close that window. The data extract will be e-mailed to you directly. Your email address will not be stored in our database. The email will have the data extract in the form of a tab delimited txt file attachment. You can easily import this into Excel / Access programs. Do not reply to this system generated email. If you have questions or concerns about this page, Please contact DfbsDatabase@dhs.in.gov for assistance.

Instructions to convert the file attachment to Excel.
1.Save the file attachment to your local hard drive.
2.Open Microsoft Excel.
3.Use menu "File/Open" , set file type to "All files" in the open dialog window, and pick the file you saved in the hard drive and click open.
3. Microsoft Excel Wizard will open and give options for opening the file.
4. Just keep clicking the "Next" option (twice) and finally "Finish" option and you will have the file imported to Excel file.