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Mediation Services

The Board advocates utilizing mediators to facilitate the remedy of worker’s compensation issues. A mediator is someone who is trained and certified to act as a neutral party between two conflicting sides. The goal of any mediator is to satisfy the desires of both sides while resolving any outstanding issues.

The Board currently employs four certified mediators who have enjoyed a success rate of over 70% for the past several years. The fees associated with this service are laid out in 631 IAC 1-1-33.  In summary, a flat rate of $350 will be assessed for up to five hours of mediation.  Each additional hour will be billed at $50 per hour.  The Board does not seek reimbursement from parties for travel expenses.  To schedule mediation, you may contact our mediators directly via the contact information listed below.

Mary Taivalkoski(317)
Darren Dye(317)
Beth Wallace(317)

Should you prefer to utilize a source outside of the Board, please follow the link below to search for registered mediators. Please note that the mediators do require that a fee be paid for their services.