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EDI 31

Indiana Worker's Compensation Board - EDI 3.1 Information

For information regarding EDI Claims Release 3.1 Reporting in Indiana, please visit https://INWCBEDI.info/.

Information on the requirements of EDI Claims Release 3.1, please visit https://INWCBEDI.info/requirements. Three tables are available to download that each contain a change log worksheet that will identify any changes made to each specific table. 

The EDI Claims Release 3.1 Implementation Guide can be found at https://INWCBEDI.info/guide. This guide provides the necessary information for understanding how to conduct EDI business with the INWCB as well as references to other important documents.

For frequently asked questions (FAQs) about EDI 3.1, please visit https://INWCBEDI.info/faq.

Those interested in becoming an Indiana EDI Claims Release 3.1 Trading Partner, please visit https://INWCBEDI.info/reg-instructions for details and instructions on how to complete the Trading Partner Profile. 

For information regarding EDI 3.1 changes and clarifications, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the INWCB EDI Support Team by email at INWCBEDI@iso.com.