EDI Program Notes

EDI Version 1 support will discontinue on 12/31/18. Please see our 3.1 rollout section for full details 


Subsequent Report Note

The Board is requiring that all paper Subsequent Reports be preceded by an electronically submitted First Report.

Do You Need To Become An EDI Trading Partner?

The Board offers assistance with this process by meeting individually with companies. To receive the Indiana implementation guide or for any questions e-mail: dbabcock@wcb.in.gov or call (317) 233-0396.  Additionally, you may download all relevant documentation via the links below.

Effective 04/01/02 - The Worker's Comp Board of Indiana will begin accepting either the NAICS coding or the SIC codes in field DN0025 of the First Report of Injury. To distinguish between the two codes The Board will be using the IAIABC specified procedure of accepting the characters - " SC " in the fifth and sixth character position when the SIC code is used. The field will remain optional. For any questions contact The Board.

All interested trading partners are welcome to contact EDI representatives at WCB: 1-800-824-COMP (2667)

David Babcock Senior, Systems Analyst
402 W.Washington St, Rm W196
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-0396

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