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About Vape-Free Indiana

Vape-Free Indiana

Indiana's multi-pronged approach to addressing the youth vaping epidemic


School Programming

CATCH My Breath

  • CATCH My Breath is a best practices youth e-cigarette prevention program. The program provides up-to-date information to teachers, parents, and health professionals to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about the use of e-cigarettes. CATCH My Breath utilizes a peer led teaching approach and meets national and state health education standards.


Media Campaigns

Behind the Haze

  • Behind the Haze delivers compelling and evidence-based health education targeted at youth between the ages of 13- 21. Behind the Haze does not use ambiguous scare tactics. Instead it delivers targeted facts that show the knowledge, attitude, and beliefs associated with teenage vaping, with the goal of curbing vape use long-term.

Don't Puff This Stuff

  • The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and the Indiana Department of Health have partnered to combat the vaping epidemic among teens, called “Don’t Puff This Stuff.” The education campaign includes posters for schools to display on campus, a robust social media program, a “Don’t Puff This Stuff” website, and radio and television commercials that are aired on IHSAA broadcast properties.


Quitting Services

This is Quitting

  • Text DITCHVAPE to 88709
  • This is Quitting is a mobile application and companion text messaging program designed specifically for young adult smokers and e-cigarette users. The app brings together quit stories from real-life young people, along with entertaining gif posts about quitting, strategies and tips to stay tobacco free, training challenges, and access to free expert counseling 24/7.

Live Vape Free

  • Text INDIANA to 873373
  • Live Vape Free is a text-based stop vaping program for teens. Once enrolled, teens can access interactive content that is quick and easy to use. There are videos, quizzes, assessments and podcasts to help teens find their “why” and help quit vaping. Teens can also get 1-1 support with a professional quit coach.

Alternative to Suspension

Alternative to Suspension

Student tobacco use, including vaping, is best addressed through a comprehensive approach including policy, education, incorporation of information into the curriculum, making treatment resources available, and youth empowerment and engagement. Positive and restorative practices is an opportunity for schools to create a positive school climate, promote health equity, support students with the root of the issue, and safeguard each student’s future.

Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

  • The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit is a theory- based and evidence-informed educational resource created by educators and researchers and aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of cigarettes, cigars/ cigarillos, chew, hookah, and e-cigarettes. This toolkit contains a set of modules focused on e-cigarettes and vape products, messages on nicotine addiction, resources related to positive youth development, and information about school tobacco policies and tobacco control efforts.

Student Commercial Tobacco Use in Schools: Alternative Measures

  • From the Public Health Law Center, this publication provides sample language and ideas for evidence-based solutions and information as to why these alternative measures may be more effective than suspension and expulsion at addressing student tobacco use and nicotine addiction as part of a school’s Commercial Tobacco-Free Policy.

American Lung Association - INDEPTH

  • An Alternative to Teen Nicotine Suspension or Citation

Local Tobacco Control Coalitions

Local tobacco control coalitions are located in several counties across the state and help with various tobacco prevention and cessation efforts for schools or organizations.

Find coalitions and resources for your county

2022 Indiana Youth Tobacco Survey

2018 Indiana Youth Tobacco Survey Summary

View the highlights from the 2022 Indiana Youth Tobacco Survey

VOICE Indiana

New Voice

Indiana’s youth engagement model, Voice, seeks to engage, educate and empower youth to celebrate a tobacco-free lifestyle. Voice is actively building a network of youth leaders to assist with the design and implementation of initiatives that will educate the community and empower their peers to overcome tobacco companies’ influence.