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Needham Township

Needham Township is the 35.03 square miles between Franklin City and the County Line bordering Shelby County.  As of the 2010 census the population is 6,511 with 2613 housing units.

Needham Township was formed in 1881.  The town of Needham as well as parts of Franklin City fall within the township including the Hillview and Heather Glen at the Legends additions. The Interstate 65 Gateway is located in Needham Township and has seen rapid development over the past decade including two new hotels, several restaurants and warehouses including Energizer Batteries.

A large portion of the land in the township is zoned agricultural and is filled with family farms dating back multiple generations.  Fire protection is provided by Franklin Fire Department to the east of the township and the Needham Volunteer Fire Department to the west.  Children of the township attend Franklin Community Schools.  Police service is provided by Franklin City within city limits and the Johnson County Sheriff's Department in the unincorporated areas.