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Lincolnwood Yard Sale on July 19-20

The Lincolnwood Neighborhood Association has set its annual neighborhood yard sale for Friday and Saturday, July 19-20. In the past, the Town of Clermont has also set dates for a town-wide yard sale. The town has not decided to do so at this time but would likely align with the Lincolnwood dates in 2024 if it does.

Strong community participation is necessary for an event like a community yard sale to be successful, so the town would like to gauge community interest through a yard sale survey. If there is enough support from area residents, the town may promote July 19-20 as a town-wide yard sale.

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Tree Board Forming

The Clermont Town Council is forming a new Clermont Tree Board to aid the town council in all tree-related matters, including developing efforts to increase the quantity and quality of trees in and around Clermont. The tree board is a great opportunity to serve for those residents who are both highly knowledgeable and passionate about trees and the vital functions they play in our community. If you may be interested (or have a neighbor who is interested), contact Communications/Technology Commissioner Mike Beam at to learn more. He is currently recruiting candidates.

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Proposed Revisions to Clermont Municipal Code

At the July 13, 2023, town council meeting, the revised Clermont Municipal Code was introduced. The council will be working on simplifying the code over the next few months. The public is welcome to view the proposed revised code at After the revised code has been adopted, it will be permanently hosted online. Questions may be directed to