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  • Is there any restriction on burning leaves?

    Indiana Department of Environmental Management states that even the smoke from clean wood and leaves can harm human health and community safety. Smoke creates a nuisance in a neighborhood.

    Town Ordinance 231 prohibits burning leaves on any paved street. Campfires using clean, dry hardwood are more safe when fire pits have raised sides and screen covers. Take the same precautions you would expect of neighbors, and avoid any fires in town after dark.

    For more info on open burning:

  • Who is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks?

    Residents are responsible for clearing sidewalks of ice and snow to make them safe for pedestrians in town.

  • When do snow plows operate?

    Snow plows will be out in town after an inch or more of snow has collected. Use off-street parking so the plows can clear your street.

  • When is recycling/trash collection?

    Residential trash is picked up every Tuesday, by Waste Management. Recycling is collected every other week. See the Trash/Recycling page for more information.

  • Are there late fees on utility bills?

    Utility bills are late after the 17th of the month. A late fee is added on the 18th and delinquent notices are mailed. Accounts not paid by the last day of the month are subject to shutoff. Account must be paid in full to re-start service.

    Online utility payments can be made via the "Pay Bill" link in the tab for Online Services, There is a convenience fee for electronic payment options.

    Utility payments made using a bank bill pay service are listed paid on the date received. If the USPS mail is delayed (perhaps due to a holiday) the paid date may be different from the date requested by the account holder. E-checks are usually posted the second day.

  • Do pets need to be registered with the Town?

    Dogs and cats owned by town residents need to have a pet ID tag, purchased for $1.00 at town hall. Tags renew in January.