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Stormwater Utility

Phone:  (765) 567-2603

As part of the federally established Clean Water Act of 1972, the Town must comply with regulations regarding stormwater runoff. Historically the costs of compliance, roughly $50,000 per year, have been funded through the Wastewater Utility, draining much needed funds from sewage system maintenance. The stormwater utility was implemented in 2018 to raise funds for capital projects and to cover the cost of compliance with the Clean Water Act and subsequent regulations.

The utility fee structure is based on the amount of impervious structures that contribute to the volume of stormwater a property creates. All property owners, whether residential, for-profit, or non-profit, will pay a fee.

For a detailed description of the rate study, calculations, property descriptions, and further information, please see the Resolution, Policies and Procedures, and FAQ in the documents below: