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Indiana Treasurer of State's guide to the Access to Public Records Act

Under Indiana Code ยง 5-14-3, records held by government agencies are presumed to be accessible for inspection or copying by any member of the public unless exempted by law.

We are fully committed to upholding the public policy of the Access to Public Records Act (APRA) because providing members of the public with access to records is an essential function in our form of representative government.

It is for this purpose that we are pleased to provide this quick reference guide to our public access records policy.

While there are several exceptions in the law, this guide will provide a basic description of our most common public access requests and how they are typically answered.

Due to the varied nature of public access requests, however, this guide is not exhaustive regarding our policy.

If you have questions about our internal policy please contact our office:

Indiana State Treasurer's Office
242 State House
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
fax: 317-233-1780

If you would like to submit a request, please complete this form: Public Records Request Form


Daniel Elliott
Treasurer of State

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