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The student application window has been extended to August 16th!

Eligible Student and Participating Entity applications are here! Click the button below for the application page to begin the application process!

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  • What is the Indiana ESA Program?

    Through the Indiana Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program, eligible students and families have the opportunity to choose the educational environment and services that best suit their unique needs. The Indiana ESA program is designed to provide tax-free scholarship funds to students who are seeking educational opportunities that are an alternative to enrollment in public schools. Through the program, which is administered by the Indiana treasurer, eligible students are awarded scholarship funds that may allow them access to educational services and therapies they might have experienced limited access to previously. Indiana ESA scholarship funds can be used to purchase approved educational programs, therapies, services, tuition and fees, and various additional expenses related to the student’s education. The program will launch for the 2022-2023 school year.


A student may be eligible for the Education Scholarship Account Program if they meet specific residency, age, disability and income requirements. Please check below for more information about each qualification.


Parent/Guardian will be required to provide a birth certificate to prove the applicant student is between the ages of 5 and 22 years old prior to August 1 of each school year.


Parent/Guardian will be required to upload documentation with their current address listed to provide primary and permanent residency in Indiana. This could include one of the following:

  • 2021 Tax  Return
  • The most recent utility bill
  • A lease /rental agreement signed by the parent/guardian applying on behalf of the student


Parent/guardian will be required to upload one of the following to prove that the applicant student is a student with a disability, requires special education, and has had one of the following documents developed:

  • An active, valid and up to date Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • An active, valid and up to date Service Plan
  • An active, valid and up to date Choice Special Education Plan (CSEP)


Parent/Guardian will be required to upload documentation proving their household meets the income requirement, which could include one of the following:


  • 2021 Tax Return

Other acceptable documents:

  • 2021 W-2 from each income earning household
  • Two of the most current paystubs from each income earning household

Click here to access the Household Summary Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child be enrolled at a public school and use the Education Scholarship Account?

No. Indiana ESA cannot be used if a student is enrolled at a traditional public or public charter school.  However, an eligible student with an Education Scholarship Account may use funds to purchase services from a traditional public or public charter school, such as courses, if the school has applied to participate with the program. The Indiana ESA can be used to cover any tuition or fees associated with these courses.

Are current non-public school students eligible?

Yes, current non-public school students can apply to participate in the Indiana ESA program as long as they meet the eligibility and income requirements. The non-public school that will be accepting payments through the Indiana ESA account must apply and be approved as a participating provider.

Will Indiana ESA students who choose to educate at home be considered homeschoolers?

No. While both options provide families with greater control over their student’s education, they are classified differently under Indiana code and subject to different regulations. In Indiana, homeschools are classified as nonpublic, non-accredited, with less than one employee and students are exempt from statewide assessments. Students who are approved for an ESA must take the statewide assessment or an alternative test as outlined in the student’s IEP/ISP,  and must meet any program regulations approved by the state.

Is my child eligible if they are currently receiving an Indiana Choice Scholarship?

Students may not be awarded the Choice Scholarship and the Education Scholarship Account for the same school year. However, if your child is a current recipient of the Choice Scholarship Award, you may apply for the Educational Scholarship Account.  If approved, your child will forfeit the Choice Scholarship and be able to use funds through an Indiana ESA account to purchase educational services and fees.  You may continue to use these funds for tuition and fees at a qualified school.

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