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What is Indiana Education Scholarship Account (INESA)?

An Indiana Education Scholarship Account, administered by the Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State, provides scholarship funding to students with disabilities which they can use to access to the educational environment that best meets their learning needs. Parents of eligible students, or emancipated eligible students, may spend scholarship money on pre-approved educational programs, therapies, services, tuition and fees at private schools, curricular materials, and other expenses related to the student’s education.
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What are people saying about ESA?

Brenda Jackson, School Administrator

"If it wasn't for the ESA, half of our students would not be able to attend Worthmore Academy and get the special instruction allowing them to learn and love school!"

Brenda Jackson

Worthmore Academy

Lauren Loewen, School Administrator

"As the Administrator at Robson Academy, I have had the privilege of creating a school for outlier kids. We do school in such a different way, which allows each of our students an individualized education: they don't need to fit in a box. Our school would not be possible without the ESA program. Half of our students are using the program, and wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford the education specific for their student's needs. I'm beyond grateful a program exists that can help these families with students on the fringe to get the individualized education that each of their children need, putting the parents back in the driver's seat."

Lauren Loewen

Robson Academy

Erica, Mom of Ella

"Ella is complex. Which in turn makes all things related to her life complex. Finally, we have a solution to make school one of the few things not complex for her. ESA has opened up doors we never thought possible. We found a way to schedule school around her immense physical challenges, we found a way to focus on the topic she needs to help her grow, we found a way to help her bloom where she is planted. All because of the opportunity to use the ESA funds to give Ella her best opportunity for her education."


ESA Student

Anastasia, Mom of Annalisa

“If it wasn’t for ESA we wouldn’t have the funds to do speech therapy. We would have had no choice but to do virtual. My daughter is very hands on so this method wouldn’t be as effective as in person. The team at Rhythm N Beets has helped my daughter make strides in speech, small and big.”


ESA Student

Jennifer, Mom of Anna

“My child struggled in a school system unable to support her needs. Through the Education Scholarship Account, she can attend a school that caters to her unique learning style where she’s thriving. We are so grateful to have the support of a program like ESA that allows my child to learn in nature.”


ESA Student

Keisha, Mom of Jordan

“ESA has been wonderful for my child Jordan Chandler who attends Worthmore Academy...It has given him all the resources to continue his education."


ESA Student

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