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Career Scholarship Account (CSA) Programs and Providers

Looking for an innovative way to develop future talent? 

This is your opportunity. CSAs are innovative, state-funded scholarships designed to help students pursue their interests through unique career preparation opportunities while giving local employers a chance to connect with and mentor the next generation of talent.

The State of Indiana is currently accepting applications for Career Scholarship Account (CSA) programs and providers. Apply today!

Programs must meet the CSA required educational and work-based components, and effectively prepare students to take their next steps after high school.

Providers are any organization that provides opportunities and services that fulfill the CSA program requirements. Providers may be an employer, trade association or employer organization, labor union, or intermediary.

The requirements for a CSA program are:

  • Be employer-driven;
  • Culminate in credentials of value;
  • Include work-based learning;
  • Support high school graduation requirements; and
  • Be aligned to career and college.

For additional program rules and requirements, see the Provider Application Guide.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

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Qualified Expenses

    • Class expenses for student's apprenticeships/internship program;
    • Postsecondary education and/or training;
    • Equipment for student's apprenticeship/internship program;
    • Certification and credentialing examinations;
    • Career coaching and navigation services;
    • Driver's license*
    • Transportation**

    *Driver's license - new for the 24-25 school year. May use up to $1,000 of an CSA annual grant amount received for costs related to obtaining a driver's license. A driver's license must be a requirement of the apprenticeship/internship program AND the student must prove hardship.

    ** Transportation - new for 24-25 school year. May use up to $625 of an CSA annual grant amount for transportation expenses IF the student's CSA provider matches the transportation expense AND the student must prove hardship.

    Disallowed Expenses 

    Any course, service, or item for which a CSA student is responsible to pay that does not fall under a qualified expense category may not be listed on the invoice and must be paid by a source other than the student’s CSA fund.

    CSA Spending Categories 

    A CSA provider may not receive duplicate payments from any other source for the same services paid for using CSA funds. A violation may result in civil and/or criminal penalties.

Invoice Process

Steps for Invoice Submission:

  1. Providers must register their bank account information in ClassWallet to receive reimbursements from CSA student funds. Click here to access ClassWallet.
  2. CSA provider sends an invoice (electronically or hard copy) to the CSA parent/student with the required detail information below.
  3. CSA parent/student submits the CSA invoice to ClassWallet for payment.
  4. A Scholarship Accounts Division staff member reviews the CSA Invoice for approval or denial.
  • Approval: An ACH payment from the CSA fund will be remitted to the CSA provider through ClassWallet, within 7 business days.
  • Denial: An electronic explanation and/or notification of denial will be sent to the CSA parent/student and CSA provider. A denial with an explanation may be sent with an option on how to resubmit for payment. If the expense is not eligible for reimbursement under the CSA program guidelines, a denial notification will be sent.

What does an invoice need to include to be paid quickly?

  1. Your organization’s contact information: organization name, address, phone number
  2. Invoice has the date of generation.
  3. Student’s full, legal first and last name
  4. School student is enrolled with.
  5. Date of service(s) – reminder ensure the invoice has a date of service that has already passed.
  6. Ensure the services provided are Qualified Expenses within the CSA Program
  7. Itemized list of CSA expenses with description
  8. Total amount due – reminder CSA student must have money in their account to reimburse.

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