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Required Training

All new state employees are required to take the following trainings upon hire and everyone is required to complete these *trainings on an annual or biennial basis:

You will be notified through a SuccessFactors Learning Assignment Changes Email Notification when you are required to take the trainings. You can review the following guide for instructions on how to locate and complete these courses online.

If you have any questions about required training, the Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD) course library, or New Employee Orientation, please contact the INSPD Division of Learning & Development at

Preventing Workplace & Sexual Harassment Training

The Preventing Workplace & Sexual Harassment Training is now available and required for all Executive Branch employees. Learners must complete this mandatory compliance training within 21 days of their enrollment date.

For information about how to log in and find your Learning Assignment please view the quick-step guide. If you have any questions regarding the completion and/or assignment of the Preventing Workplace & Sexual Harassment training in SuccessFactors Learning, please submit an IOT Help Desk ticket and ask for it to be reassigned to the SPD – LD Queue.

If you have any questions regarding Workplace & Sexual Harassment Policies discussed in this training, please contact the INSPD Employee Relations Division at 317-232-3080 or visit

The 2022 Workplace & Sexual Harassment Training content has been created using Articulate Rise 360. Articulate Rise 360 is a modern, dynamic eLearning authoring tool allowing designers to create responsive courses. The course will look like a webpage, allowing a user to scroll through and complete the training at their own time and pace. It is a new, more intuitive approach to training that we are excited to share with you this year! Please watch the video for a demonstration of how to navigate the content created using Rise.