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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is available to all state employees working within agencies that are supported by the Indiana State Personnel Department, (not including contract employees).

For information about how to log in and get started, view the LinkedIn Learning Login Guide.

Add LinkedIn Learning Courses to SuccessFactors

If you completed a course within LinkedIn Learning prior to the launch of SuccessFactors Learning or if you have completed a LinkedIn Learning course that is not currently available within SuccessFactors, you now have the ability to add that training course to your official training record (pending supervisor approval). Note: You may only add completed courses to your learning history. Individual videos cannot be added to your training history.

Get Started

Upskill to Advance Your Career

Upskilling Banner image

Identify and prioritize skills that are most important to you and that will help move your career forward. From leadership training to time management, sharpening your skills can help you boost your career. Get started by using this calendar of selected LinkedIn Learning videos and quick activities.

Download the Upskills calendar

Mindful Moments

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In moments of stress, it's important to know what you can do to help manage it. Check out the calendar of selected LinkedIn Learning videos that will help you build positive routines into your day and learn to become more mindful in your personal and professional life.

Download the Mindful Moments calendar