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State Employees' Community Campaign

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

SECC 2022-2023 Pay It ForwardThe theme for this year’s The 2022-2023 State Employees’ Community Campaign (SECC) is, “Pay it Forward.”  This highlights the impact that state employees can make by donating to charities through payroll deduction. Together, we can pay it forward to improve the communities and lives of Hoosiers across the state!

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Fundraising Goal

The Indiana SECC season begins on Thursday, Sept. 1, with the annual kickoff party, and will conclude on Monday, Oct. 31.

The fundraising goal for this campaign is to build on last year’s success and raise $1.5 million.

All state of Indiana employees are invited to come together to achieve our fundraising goal and make this campaign season one to remember!

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Events Calendar

red calendar iconThere will be many SECC events throughout the campaign open to all state employees, including a the annual paddle battle, a silent auction, and a lip sync battle!

Check out the SECC events calendar, where you can view all statewide or agency-specific events in one place!

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