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Obtaining a Photo ID

If you do not possess an ID that is acceptable for voting purposes, Public Law 109-2005 requires the BMV to issue an Indiana State ID Card for free.

To obtain a free ID card for voting purposes from any BMV license branch, you will need to supply the necessary documentation. Please visit the BMVs website at for more information on what documentation is required.

SecureID is the BMV's effort to fully comply with the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and with state and federal regulations.  All permanent driver's licenses, permits, or ID cards will be mailed to customers and received within 10 business days.  Temporary IDs will be given directly to the customer until the permanent IDs are received by mail.  Temporary ID cards are acceptable for voting.

A non-SecureID driver’s license or identification card indicates you have not provided the documentation necessary to validate your identity, lawful status, Social Security number, or Indiana residency. Only individuals with a current Indiana driver’s license or identification card are eligible to apply for a non-SecureID.  A non-SecureID driver’s license will allow you to drive and vote. A non-SecureID identification card will allow you to vote.

For more information and convenience: