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The Harrison County Sheriff's Department Reserve Division has been serving the community of Harrison County, Indiana since 1983. It is comprised of volunteers who are sworn officers empowered by the Sheriff of Harrison County to assist the Sheriff's Department in public relations, law and order, and service to the county. The Reserve Division consists of the Reserve Commander, a Reserve Coordinator, a Reserve Treasurer, a Reserve Secretary, and Tier I and Tier II Reserve Officers. Reserves become road qualified to work patrol duty, security/traffic at special events, e.g., parades, charity runs, and dignitary visits, etc., and provide security and public relations at the County Fair or other special assignments as designated by the Sheriff.

To become a Tier I Reserve Deputy an individual must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid Indiana driver's license, no criminal record (minor traffic violations are exempt), and be a resident of Harrison County or surrounding counties. Candidates must pass a background investigation consisting of criminal, credit, and character evaluations as well as pass a psychological and medical exam, drug testing, physical fitness assessment, and a staff interview. The officer will also have to complete a 40-hour pre-basic training course. The Reserve Deputy is then qualified to perform limited patrol duties but has full law enforcement authority.

Reserve Deputies who complete the department's field training program will be considered a Tier II Senior Officer. After certification by the Reserve Commander and the Sheriff, the Senior Reserve Officer will then have the opportunity to assist the department with routine calls and other extra responsibilities. Tier I and II Reserves are expected to work a minimum of 16 hours a month and attend a mandatory meeting on the 1st Sunday of every month.

While the investment in time and effort on the part of a Reserve Officer is great, the benefits gained in self-image, enhanced ability to deal with diverse people and situations, and increased awareness of community are well worth the sacrifice. The Harrison County Reserve Division is invaluable to the operation of the Sheriff's Office. The officers provide extra manpower when needed, assist with special details, and enhance the ability of the Sheriff's Office to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Harrison County. We are very proud of our actions and the contribution that we give to the community.

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