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Horse Patrol

The Harrison County Horse Patrol Unit began in the early 80s as a part-time civilian unit. The Unit started with a hand full of volunteers to help with manpower on special events within the county such as the County Fair, Lanesville Heritage Weekend, and other major events. The new horse patrol exceeded expectations and was such a success in all areas that the newly formed unit was established as a permanent unit within our department. The Harrison County Horse Patrol currently has grown to become a unit with over fifteen officers under the direction of Commander Glen Austin.

The unit is now detailed to cover details such as search and rescue, at large farm animals, the County Fair, Lanesville Heritage Weekend, Relay for Life, and other major events within the county. The Horse Patrol Officers have proven to be a valuable crime deterrent due to the fact they sit over eight feet tall with a high vantage point. They have proven to be an unbeatable public relations tool and unwavering service to the department and community.

Interested in joining the Horse Patrol? See the application to the right. Mail or drop off your application at the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. Be sure to specify your interest in the Horse Patrol Team.