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Religious Services

All inmates who wish to do so may attend church services which are led by Pastors in the area.  The Jail Chaplain’s staff and volunteers conduct religious services and baptisms.  The Chaplain is available twenty-four hours a day to provide bereavement counseling for inmates who lose their loved ones while incarcerated.

Bible Study Program

In addition to church services, the inmates are allowed to make a more in-depth study of the Bible. Bible study classes are available to inmates 6 days a week.

R.E.C. (Residents Encounter Christ)

Residents Encounter Christ (REC) of Southern Indiana is a Christ-centered ministry whose sole purpose is to carry the message and display the love of Jesus Christ to the residents of jails and prisons in Southern Indiana.

This is a celebratory event that lasts three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Songs are performed by a musical group and leading Pastors provide stimulating events and dialogue allowing the inmates to engage in a manner not experienced by other programs.