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Medical Services

A licensed physician is present in the Harrison County Jail every week to speak with any inmate who feels they may have a medical issue. If the physician feels it is necessary, the inmate is prescribed medications according to their medical need.  These medications are distributed twice daily to the inmate.  In addition, the corrections medical staff is responsible for checking blood sugar and blood pressure levels when needed.  Special diabetic requirements such as insulin intake and diabetic diet requirements are also supervised.

If the corrections staff feels that an inmate is experiencing a medical emergency,  the corrections staff is authorized to call for an ambulance.  Upon arrival,  the paramedics will evaluate the level of the emergency and either administer any medical treatment on the scene or recommend a hospital transport.

Approximately every six weeks a dentist comes into the facility to provide dental care to the inmate population.  Mobile dental equipment is brought in so complete dental service can be provided. Emergency dental care will be provided at the direction of the jail physician.

Once a week, a mental health professional visits our facility and meets with inmates who request to be seen or that the staff feels would benefit from their services.