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Inmate Activities

Inmates of the Harrison County Indiana Jail have the following activities available to them while incarcerated.


The inmates are allowed to walk outside their cell areas in the recreational space. This provides an inside area for bad weather and an outside area when weather permits. Both indoor and outdoor recreation areas are equipped with a basketball goal, where inmates can play horse or other non-defensive games. The indoor recreation area is also equipped with a pull-up bar for inmates to utilize.


The jail library consists of a wide variety of literature. Books from the library are distributed by cart to all inmate cell areas. The facility is in the process of updating the current jail library by accepting donations from various organizations and individuals.


To help reduce the level of inmate inactivity they are provided with the opportunity to purchase games from the commissary to help pass the time. They have also been given decks of various playing cards, chess, and checker sets. Printable word search, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles are occasionally handed out to pass the time.


  • Phones are located in the cell blocks and booking area. Phones will allow collect calls to be made. Phone time can be purchased through
  • Phones are turned on at 6:00 am and turned off at 11:00 pm unless otherwise stated by the Sheriff or Jail Commander.
  • There is a list of attorneys that will allow for a free, unrecorded phone call.
  • We do NOT take or pass messages from family members or friends.
  • NO three-way calls are allowed.