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Inmate Visitation

Inmate visitation is available through or using the app Securus Mobile (Available on Android and IOS). You must set up your account and provide two pictures on your profile one of your face as well as a valid photo I.D. Make sure that the pictures are not blurry and that the information on the I.D. is visible and not obscured. One free visit per week is available if visiting using the terminals located in the facility lobby.

Once your account has been approved, you may schedule visits online or using the app. Visits must be scheduled 24 hours out. The visits are manually approved by officers at the jail generally once every 24 hours.  Available times for visits are handled by the system and cannot be changed. All billing and scheduling is handled by Securus.

  • Each visitor must have a valid photo I.D. and be at least 18 years of age. Anyone under the age of eighteen shall be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Only three visitors and a child are allowed in the visitation room at any given time for a particular inmate.
  • NO unattended child will be allowed in the building at any time during the visit.
  • Harrison County Sheriff’s Department reserves the right to refuse anyone the right to visitation or stop visitation at any time.
  • Any visitor who becomes disruptive, disorderly, unruly, or abusive will be removed from the facility immediately. If a violation of Indiana Law has occurred, criminal charges or arrest may occur. The person may also be prevented from further visitation at the Harrison County Justice Center.
  • Visitations for all inmates are 20 minutes.
  • Any behavior deemed inappropriate will result in the termination of the visit, and a possible ban on the offending individual's account.

Chaplain Visitation

Inmates are allowed to have minister visitation within our facility. A minister can contact the Jail Commander to be added to the approved list.

Contact Visits

Due to Covid restrictions, contact visits have been suspended.

Contact visits are for 30 minutes. Contact visits are available once every three months depending on behavior. Inmates may request contact visits by submitting a request to the visitation officer who will then set up the visit with the family. All contact visits must be approved by the Sheriff or Jail Commander.