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Please note-If you have questions about a claim you have filed for unemployment benefits, this agency is unable to assist, since it only handles appeals from State of Indiana employees who have been subject to a negative employment action. Thank You.

The State Employees’ Appeals Commission (SEAC) is established by statute (IC 4-15-1.5) and its Commission Members are appointed by the Governor. SEAC impartially and fairly hears qualified state employees’ appeals under the Civil Service System (IC 4-15-2.2). It is SEAC’s goal to provide reliable, prompt and excellent service to the parties and constituents before the Commission.

  1. Read our more detailed Policy Statement by clicking here.
  2. Guide to SEAC Appeals Process by clicking here.

State Employees’ Appeals Commission
Indiana Government Center North
Room N103
100 N. Senate Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Public Notice

If you are a party making a filing to SEAC, you are referred to any scheduling order or Case Management Order in effect in your specific case.  The ALJ’s order(s) in your case contain specific instructions and contact information for your case. SEAC proceedings are conducted under the Civil Service System (IC 4-15-2.2) in accordance with the Administrative Orders and Procedures Act (AOPA, IC 4-21.5-3). You may wish to review these laws.  You may also wish to consult with an attorney of your choosing.  Compliance with these laws and orders may effect your legal rights in your specific case.  SEAC cannot give you legal advice.  However, this webpage contains a variety of general information and links you may find helpful in preparing your case or understanding the SEAC process.  Click on these items or see the links on the left hand side of this page to: the SEAC Appeals Guide, the Indiana State Personnel Department homepage, the Civil Service Complaint Form & Instructions and to free online resources such as the Indiana Code. Parties interested in mediation may wish to view the Shared Neutrals Program link.  The FAQs, on the right side of this webpage, answer many basic questions as well.  While the linked information is generally accurate and up to date, SEAC is not responsible for the content outside of the SEAC webpage.

Parties are reminded to serve other parties (or their counsel/representatives) in a case when making filings to SEAC or a SEAC ALJ and to include all other parties (or their counsel/representatives) on such communications .