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If you feel unsafe in your school, you need talk to an adult you trust like a teacher, counselor or parent. Your actions today could help save lives.



    Seize The Awkward is a campaign that helps people get past their fears and awkwardness of talking with friends about mental health so they can provide support to someone who may really need it.

  • Active Minds

    Active Minds is a movement dedicated to opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for and valued in the United States. Active Minds recognizes that thousands of young people suffer in silence and, despite their large numbers, think they are totally alone. Active Minds has numerous programs and operates through more than 500 local chapters located at high schools and colleges.

    Active Minds

  • Youth Mental Health Project

    The Youth Mental Health Project teaches us that all children have mental health – just like physical health. Important at every stage of life, mental health affects the way a person thinks, feels, relates to others, and behaves. By inspiring open conversations about mental health, The Youth Mental Health Project creates opportunities for communities to promote education, awareness and understanding of how to care for and support the whole child.

    Youth Mental Health Project