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Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) are located across Indiana, providing a full continuum of mental health and substance use disorder services to Hoosiers of all ages. Many CMHCs provide school-based services.



    Seize The Awkward is a campaign that helps people get past their fears and awkwardness of talking with friends about mental health so they can provide support to someone who may really need it.

  • Parent Cafés

    Parent Cafés were created and developed by parent leaders to educate families on the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors, a strengths-based system for parents and caregivers that helps keep children safe and families strong. The five Strengthening Families Protective Factors are resilience (parent resilience), relationships (positive social connections), support (concrete support in times of need), knowledge (knowledge of parent and child development) and communication (social and emotional competence).

    To find out about Parent Cafés in your area, contact the DMHA Bureau Chief of Youth Services.

    Parent Cafés

  • The KnowBullying App

    The free KnowBullying app from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration helps prevent bullying by offering parents simple conversation starters to begin a discussions with a child. Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a strong relationship and help prevent bullying. The time you spend will help boost your children’s confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying—whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying or witnessing bullying. Take a few minutes and “check in,” by asking about school, their friends and any challenges they face.

    The KnowBullying App