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Indiana Academic Standards for Math & E/LA

The 2014 Math and English/Language Arts Standards were recommended for adoption by the Indiana Education Roundtable on April 21, 2014.  The State Board of Education approved the standards on April 28, 2014.

The Indiana Department of Education will add information on implementation and support on their website.



  • K-2 Math    (PDF)
  • 3-5 Math     (PDF)
  • 6-8 Math     (PDF)
  • Algebra I     (PDF)
  • Algebra II    (PDF)
  • Calculus      (PDF)
  • Finite Math  (PDF)
  • Geometry    (PDF)
  • Pre-Calculus  (PDF)
  • Probability and Statistics   (PDF)
  • Trigonometry (PDF)

English/Language Arts

  • K-5 E/LA    (PDF)
  • 6-12 E/LA   (PDF)
  • History/Social Studies Content Area Literacy  (PDF)
  • Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy  (PDF)