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Policy Regarding Coronavirus 3-12-2020

Coronavirus Items to Consider 3-16-2020

Assistance During COVID-19 3-31-20

Continuity of Essential Operations 4-03-20

Temporary Transfer of Funds 4-09-20

Electronic Signatures 04-14-20

CARES Act Fund Numbers 4-20-20

Coronavirus Relief Fund Guidance 4-23-20

Coronavirus Relief Fund FAQs 7-8-20

State Examiner Directive 2020-1

State Examiner Directive 2020-2

Enhanced Regulatory - Delayed Implementation 4-27-20

Schedule of Regulatory Changes

COVID Grant Accounting and Appropriations 4-29-20

COVID Grant Accounting and Appropriations - Updated 9-29-20

Fraud Schemes 5-11-20

Delayed School Start Dates and Payment to Certified School Employees 7-27-20

Financial Reporting and Reimbursement for CARES Funds 8-27-20

CARES Reimbursement of Public Health and Public Safety Payroll Costs 9-30-20

State Examiner Directive 2020-3

Questions about CARES Act Reimbursed through IFA 10-28-20

Alternate Operations due to COVID 11-18-20


Waiver of Penalties for Delinquent Property Tax Payments 3-20-20

COVID-19 & Executive Orders FAQ 3-27-20

Cash Flow Solutions 3-30-20

Public Meetings and Hearings 3-30-20

Guidance on Additional Appropriations during Public Health Emergency 4-24-20


Updated Emergency Guidance on Public Access Laws 3-23-20

FAQs Regarding COVID-19 and Public Access Laws 3-23-20


Executive Order on the Extension of Certain Local Income Tax Deadlines 6-8-20


20-4 Further Orders and Directives in Response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Epidemic 3-16-20

20-5 Helping Hoosiers During the Public Health Emergency Declared for the Coronavirus 2019 Disease Outbreak 3-19-20

20-7 Rescheduling the Primary Election Due to Public Health Emergency 3-20-30

20-8 Directive for Hoosiers to Stay Home 3-23-20

20-9 Relating to the Continuity of Operation of Government 3-23-20

20-21 Additional Directives 4-15-20

20-22 Extension of Directive for Hoosiers to Stay Home 4-20-20

20-26 Roadmap to Reopen Indiana for Hoosiers, Businesses and State Government 5-1-20

20-30 Renewal of Public Health Emergency Declaration for the COVID-19 Outbreak 6-3-20

20-31 Additional Extensions of Time in Reponse to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 6-3-20

20-32 Back on Track Indiana: Stage Four 6-11-20


Cares Act Information for State, Local, and Tribal Governments

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the citizens of the State of Indiana with complete confidence in the integrity and financial accountability of state and local government.

The Board Members are:

  • Paul Joyce, CPA, State Examiner
  • Mike Bozymski, CPA, Deputy State Examiner
  • Tammy White, CPA, Deputy State Examiner

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